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Food For Thought: 1.3

From a popular café to an authentic Mexican food restaurant, we've got two stops on the Food for Thought list tonight.

We begin at Taqueria Jalisco at 2211 Ave. Q; they were cited for nine critical violations.

* An employee's drink did not have a lid. There was ice in the hand sink.

* And a strainer was block access to the hand sink.

* There was also no soap at a hand sink.

* Eggs were cracked.

* Employee was not using gloves.

* Raw foods, including beef, were stored above read to eat items.

* There was no date marking on chili rellenos.

* The microwave was dirty.

* And finally, the certified food manager's permit was expired.

Management tells us everything has been corrected; the report shows that as well.


Next we head to Rooftop café at 3300 82nd.

Inspectors found 12 critical violations.

* Several cold food items were above 41 degrees.

* Sausage was not at least 135 degrees.

* Beans were not heated to at least 165 degrees before they were placed in the hot hold.

* An employee's drink did not have a lid.

* An employee handled pancakes with their bare hands.

* An employee was wiping dishes without a clean towel. They must be air-dried to ensure sanitation. Raw bacon was stored above hash browns.

* There was no soap or paper towels at a hand sink.

* Soap was on top of an ice machine.

* The dish washer was not sanitizing.

* There was no tip-sensitive thermometer.

* Several kitchen items were dirty and there was mold

* According to the report - the restaurant does not have a certified food manager and due to the number and nature of the violations, food safety knowledge is not being observed.

Management tells us everything has since been corrected. The report shows that as well.

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