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HealthWise at 5 From 7.16

  • Laser For Voice

Patients with voice problems are singing the praises of an in-office procedure that keeps them out of the hospital. Voice specialists at Wake Forest University are blazing a trail with pulsed dye lasers, or PDL's , most often used for treatment of skin conditions. Instead of longer traditional surgery, the PDL treatment takes just minutes. A small tube is inserted through the nose and fished to the larynx. The laser then zaps, bumps and polyps on the vocal cords.

  • Less Low Carb

A new study suggests the low-carb craze may be losing steam. More than half of people surveyed say they've tried it and given up. Many participants said they've decided on their own now that cutting calories and fat are more important than a diet low in carbs. That could spell trouble for a bunch of new low-carb products. The findings by research firm insight express indicate 80% of consumers say they wouldn't even consider buying low carb items anymore.

  • Energy Bars and Kids

An energy bar instead of a meal isn't a good idea for kids. Dietitians at Baylor College of Medicine are concerned that energy bars are turning into an on-the-go meal replacement. The danger lies in the supplements added to many energy bars. It means in some cases, kids will consume vitamins and minerals in megadoses that could be dangerous. So instead of unwrapping an energy bar, the Baylor food experts recommend energizing your family with whole wheat crackers, dried or fresh fruit, string cheese or yogurt.

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