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Council Woman Linda DeLeon's Vision For Lubbock Parks

Improving Lubbock's parks. That's what one city council woman wants to see take priority in the future.

The issue came up at city council on Thursday, and it's for situations like at Aztlan Park, a park most people traveling in and out of Lubbock see. If you drive by there you can see it's over grown with weeds, dead grass and an outdated playground for the green space that's available.

"I think they are in real sad condition. This is National State Park Month and it was recognized at the city council yesterday (Thursday), but in the condition that they are in who's going to come out and put a blanket down and have a picnic out here it's just weeds and the parks aren't watered," observes Council Woman Linda DeLeon. She wants to see a change. She says the park problem isn't discriminatory, it's worse, it's all over town.

"Before we start the budget process I'd like the city council to add additional money to get these parks back into par so families will enjoy coming out to the park again," she says.

According to Lubbock Parks and Recreation, more that 70 % of Lubbock citizens take advantage of our 70 parks, and maintaining them is priority.

"Yesterday (Thursday) at the city council meeting I had a chance to visit with them about the general maintenance of the city parks. And looked at several issues from the infrastructures, like the playgrounds, to the covered seating areas, to the tree trimming, to the general maintenance," explains Corbin Pemberton.

But with recent budget cuts the level of attention the parks get has dwindled. They've had to cut back on watering, and how often the grounds are mowed and trimmed. Which in turn makes the ground less appealing. But they are working on it.

"Of the 60 playgrounds that we have through town, 15 were completed last year. So a quarter of our playgrounds are less than a year old. And that's a good thing from a maintenance standpoint," adds Corbin.

While some parks have gotten new play grounds, many are still lacking the landscape. But Parks and Recreation point out that it takes time to update each park and they are working on it. As for if more money will be added, that decision has yet to be made.

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