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Consider This...Fiscal Cliff still there

You may notice your paycheck is a little lighter this week.

Why? Republicans and Democrats agreed not to change income tax rates this year for most Americans, but they did not renew the "Payroll Tax Holiday." The result is about a two percent difference on paychecks.

So for a person making $50,000 a year, that's about $1000 bucks a year, right out of your pocket.

And that's just one result of this thing called the Fiscal Cliff.

Congress passed a compromise this week that does address some, but not all, of the economic concerns looming for the new year.

Crises averted right? Wrong. All they really did was kick the can down the road. This "compromise" left many big issues unaddressed, which essentially creates another "Fiscal Cliff" in 90 days.

Consider this:

The worst part about the situation is Congress is still failing to address the biggest two issues: government spending and overall tax reform.

They can't even agree on the current tax system, much less fixing it - and until they stop spending money they don't have, they are just going to take more from me and you.

So basically we've elected a group of folks who are not doing their jobs.

Both sides seem more determined to score political points rather than solve political problems, while you and I foot the enormous bill.

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