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Protect Your Children from Sports Related Eye Injuries

Vanessa Archambault's vision loss is the result of a paintball accident at a cousin's house when she was just seven.

"She can see out of one eye but if anything, god forbid, should happen tomorrow to her good eye, she won't see for the rest of her life," says Desiree Archambault, Vanessa's mother.

Vanessa developed a traumatic cataract, a cloudy area in her eye's lens which required immediate surgery. That could be fixed, but her retina was also damaged and it could not.

Opthalmologist Dr. David Robbins Tien says every year there are more than 40,000 sports-related eye injuries...mostly to children. And that's why kids need to wear protective eyewear when they play sports. And not just any eyewear, but he says it's worth it to ask for a certain kind.

"The material the parents have to ask for is polycarbonate plastic. That's the toughest, most impact-resistant material that eyewear's made of," say Dr. Tien.

Dr. Tien also says you might be surprised which sports lead to the most eye and basketball, because those are both high risk for getting elbowed or gouged.

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