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David Smith Makes Final Four in Wisconsin

"It's a very difficult decision," said Roger Axtell, one of six University of Wisconsin regents charged with selecting the next system president for the home of the badgers. Red Raider David Smith is up for the job.

"Dr. Smith has a very impressive background," said Axtell. "He was represented today (July 16th) as having a lot of interesting skills and abilities, and, of course, he comes from a good system. People in Texas are highly regarded here. So he comes with strong credentials and strong advocates," he said.

According to Axtell, they're looking for a multi-faceted, multi-talented person. Someone capable of handling 26 campuses with 160,000 students. Does the fact that Tech is dwarfed in comparison hurt Smith's chances? "Not necessarily, no. It's something we'd try to take into consideration," said Axtell.

Smith's resume has already gotten him far. Wisconsin started with 60 applicants and nominees, then narrowed to 32, and finally to four. What's next? "Thursday, (July 22nd) these four people will come to Madison, Wisconsin and they will sit down in front of us for several hours and we will have an extensive interview with them," says Axtell.

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