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Dr. Juan Fitz shares flu symptoms

Flu cases are now widespread in more than two-thirds of the country with thousands of people infected in 41 states, which makes this one of the earliest and worst flu seasons in years. So, if someone in your house or at the office has body aches with a stomach bug or a persistent cough...could that be the flu…even if you don't have a fever?

Juan Fitz said, "No. The flu, you've got to have several symptoms. You know, body aches, high fever, cough, some gastrointestinal symptoms, and basically feel like you've gotten ran over and they backed up and hit you again.   You have to have fever for it to be the flu."

Dr. Fitz says symptoms can show as early as a day after exposure.  He adds a lot of people are coming into emergency rooms here with a nagging cough ever since those two dust storms blew in before Christmas.

At any rate, your best protection against any of the viruses out there right now is to wash your hands frequently.

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