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A popular medication that is in big demand right now

Tamiflu is in big demand right now since it is the most popular flu treatment. It won't stop the flu, but if you can get that prescription soon after the first sign of symptoms, it can make a big difference. It won't help much beyond 48 hours. Even so, health officials want folks to understand they can't just expect that prescription when they take their symptoms to a clinic.  There is a flu test to be sure.

Dr. Melody Mendiola said, "We want to try to make sure that we save it, so that we have enough supplies.  And for the people that are most at risk so elderly people, people with chronic health conditions, really the people that are most at risk for being hospitalized."

Dr. Mendiola says people who are young and generally healthy may be told to just go home and rest. If that's the case, health officials say you should stay home and limit contact with other people until 24 hours after the fever breaks, without using medication to bring it down.

The reason why Tamiflu is in short supply at many pharmacies is because the manufacturer usually increases production in January and February, but because the flu hit hard early this year...most of what's available right now has already been used. So there should be more coming, but it's just hard right now to keep up with the demand.

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