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Local company MicroZap fights against food mold

(Source: MicroZap.com) (Source: MicroZap.com)

A Lubbock-based company claims they have the answer to some consumers' unwelcome discovery that newly-purchased bread contains mold. The company is called MicroZap and their vision all started at Texas Tech University.

MicroZap's technology makes food safe by killing E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria. Adding MicroZap's technology to a clothes dryer or washing machine kills bacteria on fabrics such as sheets, towels and scrubs. 

Don Stull, CEO of MicroZap says, "Our process adds no chemicals or anything [else]. We are just using RF energy, Radio Frequency energy to treat and kill all pathogens. It [then] gets a little bit of heating but it does not cook [the food product]."

Hostess's Wonder Bread was the first company to use MicroZap. Stull said it was a very successful partnership that only recently ended due to the Hostess company going under.

Stull also says once they get more resources they will try and create a microwave that can cook food while killing the pathogens that cause mold.

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