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Desperate parents have multiple adoption options


In light of the tragic disappearance and later death of Leah Marie Aguirre, we spoke to a local adoption agency about different options parents have.

If someone is trying to parent and they feel like they can't do it but they still want to do it, Adoption Covenant says there are plenty of community resources available that don't involve leaving your child with a stranger. 

Melinda Condra, Executive Director of Adoption Covenant said, "There are food banks - we've got the South Plains Food Bank, food stamps, WIC. clothing closets all over town. There is housing assistance available. There are lots of different options that don't involve leaving your child with a stranger."

Condra says there are also three different types of adoptions available. 

The first is an open adoption where you select the parents, you know where your child lives, and you can have ongoing contact with them.

There is also semi-confidential adoption where you may send cards, photos, and letters. You can also receive updates on the child's status from the family.

Another option is confidential adoption. In this adoption, the agency selects the parents, and the child's identity and privacy are protected, but you and your child may be reunited at some point in the future if you both want to. 

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