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President's Prescription: Dissecting a Virtual Patient

We have come a long way from the days of the old skeleton model. Technology is changing the way we teach our future health care professionals. Today, students can dissect this patient with a swipe of their finger.

Meet the patient. The patient or cadaver is not on any ordinary table but The Anatomage Table. This table offers a realistic visualization of 3D anatomy and allows students to view skeletal tissues, muscles, organs and soft tissue that can be customized by virtually slicing, layering and segmenting the anatomy.

Our patient is a virtual one that appears on a touchscreen table, the size of a normal operating table.  Health care students can learn about anatomy and skills needed for surgery through the virtual patient made up of real CT scans of the body.

Students can strip back the body to expose internal organs and areas can be enlarged for more detailed study. Instructors can use the technology's software to incorporate real patient data.

Everything is at the student's fingertips. Similar to the touch phones, students can turn patients, remove portions or dissect parts and visualize every angle of the body and its components. Although this technology is realistic, it does not replace, but supplements traditional methods of training.

This high-tech patient delivers on realism. Students can cut the body, peel off soft tissue or remove an organ with their fingers. And unlike cadavers, the students can redo and undo the dissection again and again. For the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, I'm Dr. Tedd Mitchell.

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