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Rep. Kingston weighs in on gun control debate

Congressman Jack Kingston Congressman Jack Kingston

Congressman Jack Kingston says he wants to see concrete research done to try and get a better understanding of the recent surge in mass killings.

Kingston said he expects congress to have an intense debate about gun control, which he hopes will become a bigger debate about public safety, mental health and cultural violence. His personal belief is that kids today are bombarded with violence in images from Hollywood and video games.

Kingston said he does in fact think there's a strong need for scientific research to explain why these killings happen, and he's confident this can be a bipartisan effort

"If we all take a deep breath and say look let's remember we're talking about children, we're talking about societal violence that affects everybody and let's let the data lead rather than our political opinions," Kingston said.

President Obama is expected to get a proposal on gun control from Vice President Joe Biden this week.

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