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Parents Beware, Children's Toys are Targeted in Recall Roundup

Vending Machine Toys

It usually cost a quarter or less but cheap vending machine jewelry could be deadly. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling 150 million pieces of toy jewelry that may contain excessive amounts of lead.

It's the largest toy recall in history. CPSC Chairman Hal Stratton says, "If the child swallows it and gets it into his stomach, the stomach acid is really gonna break it down and that's where we see the most serious problems."

A 5-year-old Oregon boy suffered lead poisoning last year, after swallowing a toy necklace from an earlier recall. His lead levels were twelve times the normal level. He has since recovered but his lead levels remain high.

The jewelry was sold in vending machines at malls, discount and grocery stores from January 2002 through June 2004. The government has notified the companies to remove the jewelry from all machines. The companies' spokesperson Nancy Steorts says, "They're most concerned that when children can be assured when they go to a vending machine, that product is going to be safe." But that doesn't mean, the jewelry your children already has is safe.

If you think your child owns any vending machine jewelry, please throw it out.

Child Swings

Nearly 140,000 infant swings are being recalled. Graco Travel Lite portable swings have a faulty carrying handle that can fall and hit a child on the head. The swings were sold for about $60 from June 2003 to June 2004. Consumers should stop using the product immediately and contact Graco at 1-800-345-4109 or ( click here ).

Child Stroller

Cosco is recalling its "Rock N Roller" stroller. The seat can partially detach from the frame and cause infants to fall. There have been seventy-seven reported injuries. Discount stores sold the strollers from April 1996 to August 2002. Recalled models include 01-654, 01-622, 01-624. 01-646 and 01-656. You can find those numbers on a label on the back of the frame. Call 1-800-711-0402 for more information.

Water Cooler

Finally, a recall that may generate talk at the water cooler. Elkay Manufacturing is recalling electric water coolers. The coolers can over-heat, which presents a fire hazard. The coolers were sold at Sam's club nationwide from 1999 to 2003 for up to $150. You should unplug the cooler immediately and contact the company for more information at 1-800-788-2499.

To see more recalls ( click here ).

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