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Landrum Receives Double Transplant

Do you remember Phil Landrum? The Lubbock businessman was moved to the top of the list recently for a heart and liver transplant, the only thing that could save him from a rare disease.

"I'm at peace with where I'm at. I know that God's gonna take care of this, whichever way he wants, and I'm okay with that," says Landrum.

Phil Landrum Waits for Important Call
An important call came this week from Baylor Hospital in Dallas, that Lubbock businessman Phil Landrum has been moved to the #1 spot on the waiting list for a liver transplant, but that liver is only half the miracle he's waiting for.

Fittingly, it was in church on Sunday morning that the call came for Phil to fly to Dallas for that double transplant. And after the six hour surgery late Sunday, surgeons at Baylor Hospital say it is phenomenal how well Phil is recovering from the surgery and adjusting to his new heart and liver.

Phil suffers from a genetic disorder called Sarcoidosis, which produces a bad protein that essentially melts away his muscles. It began in the liver and had already moved to the heart.

Doctors are hopeful this double transplant will get rid of that protein and allow Phil to return to a normal life.

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