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Lamesa High School athletic trainer suspended


If you've ever played football before, you know things can get pretty heated out on the field.

This particular instance ended with one Lamesa High School athletic trainer on paid administrative leave and sparked a controversy over racial comments.

Vickie Williams' 16-year old son O'Sean Williams is a football player for Lamesa High School. She said her son was ejected from a football game against Midland County's Greenwood High School on September 29, 2012.

"This kid was calling slurs, names, whatever. My son did hit him on the head, on the helmet, and he got ejected from the game and when he told the coaches what happened, so did the other kid," Vickie said.

But Vickie says her problem doesn't lay with the football player, it lays with Lamesa High School's athletic trainer Ray "Doc" McCall.  

She says on October 1, 2012, McCall used a school blog to racially harass and demean her son.

In Ray McCall's blog on "My Big Campus," it states, "One the sideline, I approached our player and asked him why he took such great offense to being called an ('n-word') when our black students, this boy included, called each other ('n-word') all the time when they addressed each other." 

It goes on to state, "…that kid deserved to be kicked out of the game.  It is the reason why he should be ashamed to even be a black."

On Tuesday of this week, the Lamesa School Board voted to suspend McCall for 5 days with pay.

Interim superintendent of Lamesa Independent School District Clifton Stephens, says that suspension will start on Monday, January 21st.

"We did careful consideration with the lawyers that work for the school district and we felt like the suspension was the most appropriate thing for the situation that happened," Stephens said.

Stephens says the consequences for what happened were due to improper use of the school's blog.

"What he put on there was removed immediately and he was given verbal reprimand to not to do that again and that he wouldn't put anything on there in the future," Stephens said.

Stephens says he has never had any problems or heard any complaints about McCall in the past.

"Ray McCall has been a 30-year employee of Lamesa ISD as an athletic trainer.  He has an exemplary, unblemished record," Stephens said.

Vickie says that is not enough. She believes much more should have been done.

"Every time I read this blog, I can see my son's face when he first found this out. It just brings back hurtful times. It was just awful," she said.

O'Sean said he was offended by what McCall posted. 

"Just like my mom said, you have to be careful about how you say something about someone because you may think it's right but it's really not."

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