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Lubbock Democrats hold inauguration watch party


Dozens of Lubbock Democrats gathered Monday to watch the second inauguration of President Barack Obama at River Smith's restaurant.

The meeting room was decorated with signs that read "Lubbock Supports Obama 2012" complete with life-sized cutouts of the President and the First Lady.

Eyes were glued to the television screens as they anxiously awaited the President to make his appearance and take the oath of office for his second term.

Kenny Ketner, Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair, said today is historical in more ways than one.

"Today is also Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. And it's very poetic, I think, for President Obama to be sworn in for a second time on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so there will be some important historical echoes there," Ketner said.  

Ketner said he believes a memorable inauguration speech has to have a vision for the future and resonate with what the American people want.

"I think President Obama is perfectly poised to deliver that today," he said.

Grace Rogers is the Vice President of Texas Democratic Women of the South Plains.  She said she was happy that President Obama got re-elected and is excited to see what these next four years will hold. 

"It's not been the easiest presidency. We've had all the financial issues, we've had the crisis that was happening when he took office, both of the wars that we were still heavily involved in," said Rogers.

She said she is ready to keep working and build toward these next few years.

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