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Levelland ISD considers allowing guns on campus


With recent cases of school violence popping up across the country many school districts are considering allowing their school employees to carry guns on campus to keep classrooms safe. So far Harrold ISD is the only Texas school district to allow this, but now Levelland ISD is considering arming their employees as well.

Levelland Interim Superintendent Kelly Baggett says they're looking into several options to increase school security. Allowing employees with concealed handgun license to carry on campus is just one of the measures they're considering.  

Even as a concealed hand gun carrier himself, he says he still has his doubts about whether this is a good idea. "I get up every morning and I think I'm all for this, but then I think about it... and well I don't know. You know, so it's very scary, it really is," Baggett said.

On Tuesday Baggett says he finalized putting together a committee of 23 people that include school board members, representatives from all eight campuses, local law enforcement members and community members. "This will give us an opportunity to just process this possibility and not only just look at concealed handguns but also look at other security needs," he said.

Baggett says the committee is looking at Harrold ISD's policy and how it's worked since 2008, but he says it will be a long road of research and discussion before anything is final.  "We have this committee to really study it. We're going to take our time. This is not something I want to jump into," Baggett said.

As far as what the policy would entail, Baggett says it's way too early and that the research has just started. He also doesn't know when or even if allowing employees with the CHLs to carry on campus will be a reality, but he says the district is dedicated to the safety of all its students and employees.

"I'm a parent. I love our district, I love our kids and I love our faculty. It's important to me that security measures are in place, and if the board feels like concealed hand gun carry is the way to go then I will support that," he said.

So far the first committee meeting has not been scheduled.

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