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Consider This...Support Senate Bill 182

Tuesday we saw yet another shooting on a school campus. This time right here in our own state on a Houston campus. Fortunately no one was killed, but it could have been worse.

Right now, Texas legislators are working on a law that could save lives in situations just like that. Senate Bill 182 was introduced last week by Senator Birdwell from Granbury.

This legislation would allow adults with concealed handgun licenses to carry their gun and protect themselves on public college and university campuses in Texas.

Consider this:

There are 13 senators that have co-authored this bill along with Birdwell. There are 31 senators total. That means 17 senators, including Lubbock's Robert Duncan, will decide the fate of this bill in the Senate.

If you want to encourage them to support this bill, contact the senators here:

Let's support Senate Bill 182. Because one sure way to stop a campus killer is to be ready to defend yourself.

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