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Food For Thought: 1.24

 A disturbing find at a local Mexican food restaurant - dead and live mice.     
That's just one of the many violations found in this week's Food for Thought report.
 Health inspectors checked out more than 100 restaurants this week.

We begin at Cancun Mexican Restaurant at 5605 Slide road was cited for seven critical violations.
* The most disturbing of this week's violations - live and dead mice were found stuck to a glue board. Rodent droppings were found as well.  The report shows pest control was called and arrived during the inspection.
* Employee did not wash their hands before putting on gloves.
* Molded lemons were stored with good ones.
* Multiple raw foods were stored above ready to eat foods.
* A sanitizing solution was not strong enough. A yellow liquid and a purple liquid were in unlabeled bottles.
* A dish wash machine was sanitizing at toxic levels.
* Due to the number and nature of the violations, the inspector notes that the manager did not have food safety knowledge.
Management tells us everything has been corrected.
The report shows most violations were corrected during the inspection.

Next we head to China One Express at 1308 50th.
They had eight critical violations.
* Employee did not use soap when washing their hands.
* An employee washed their hands in the 3-compartment sink - which is intended for dishes.
* Raw beef was stored about celery. Grease from the vent hood dropped in the wok.
* There were no hand towels in the women's restroom.
* A container labeled "garlic" contained soup.  And a spray bottle was not labeled.
* There was no food thermometer.
* There was mold on lids covering food products and several kitchen utensils were broken.
* Finally, the inspector noted that the manager did not demonstrate food safety knowledge during the time of the inspection.

The report shows most violations were corrected during the initial inspection. The report notes that a re-inspection fee was issued because of repeat violations.
Management tells us, everything has since been corrected.

Red Hana at 411 University had seven critical violations.
* An employee's drink did not have a lid.
* Raw tuna was inside a bucket with raw beef. Raw chicken and raw beef were in the same pan in the cooler. Other raw foods were stored above ready to eat foods.
* Freezing records and time as a control records were not available.
* A bottle of cleaner was not labeled.
* The dish washer was not sanitizing.
* Several kitchen utensils were dirty.
* There was no food safety manager at the restaurant.

Management tells us the violations have all been corrected.
The report shows most were fixed at the time of the inspection.

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