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HealthWise At Five 7.21

  • Mouse Human Breast

Biomedical researchers have found a better way to study breast cancer. Scientists at the Whitehead Institute transplanted human breast tissue into female mice and found that the tissue grew and developed as if it were human breast tissue, even producing human milk when the mouse is pregnant. When cancer is introduced to the human breasted mice, it progresses in the same way it would in a person. So, what's the value of all this? Researchers say having a way to create living human breast tissue will open new doors for cancer research.

  • Endometriosis Diet

A daily dose of fruits and vegetables may help ward off one of the leading causes of infertility in women. This comes after a study of a 1,000 women found those who included fruits and green veggies daily in their diet were less likely to develop endometriosis compared to women who didn't eat produce on a regular basis. They also found a diet high in meat actually increased the risk. Endometriosis is a painful condition that involves the lining of the uterus. The study is published in the European Journal of Human Reproduction.

  • Zeet Seats

Small kids and public bathrooms are often an icky combination. But, a portable and disposable barrier might help reduce anxiety for porto-potty time. They're called Zeets Magical Seats and they're made for baby bottoms. The cardboard form is folded into a shape that makes a smaller opening and features handles to get on and off, which means no more hands on a dirty toilet seat! To order Zeets Magical Seats, (click here ).

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