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The Pool Devil: Does It Work?

Get rid of floating debris from your pool without lifting a finger. The Pool Devil has a hose and a purple floating device on it. It attaches to your jet which helps create a circular flow pushing the leaves into it. The cost is $20, but Does It Work?

Your Pool Devil comes with three different jet attachments because not every jet is the same size. However, for this pool we had to special order one. It came with in a week, but it also costs us $12 extra bucks.

I had no problem attaching the Pool Devil, nor did I have a problem dumping a medium size bucket of leaves into the pool. We'll see if it can pick up.

It wasn't long before we saw it working. "Wow, look at that!" The Pool Devil was working just fine. Even the leaves are moving in a clockwise circular motion, just like the box said it would do. Of course, the Pool Devil did not work perfectly every single go around. We spotted a few leaves that got away!

In the end, we had the Pool Devil operating for one hour. Within that hour, the Pool Devil collected 80% of the leaves I threw into the pool. Just imagine if you left the Pool Devil running overnight, how clean your pool would be! I like this product, I think it works.

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