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Lubbock private schools discuss concealed carry rules


Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Connecticut a little over a month ago, the debate has raged over gun safety in the U.S., specifically in regards to schools. In response to the shootings some local school districts have taken action.

Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District hired more people to its police force to make sure there is one armed police officer at every school, but for a lot people that doesn't go far enough. They would like to see teachers given the opportunity to carry guns on campus.

"I think everybody in the world should have a concealed handgun," said Lubbock Resident Anne Blackburn. "The ones that are wicked and bad are going to have them, and so why shouldn't everybody carry one and then you can protect yourself when you need to."

One private school in Lubbock, Trinity Christian School, has allowed teachers with a license to carry a concealed handgun for a couple of years, and others are considering it.

Lubbock Christian School says they have discussed the issue a lot but have always decided it is not the right time, and Liberty Learning Center told us that if a teacher was certified they would absolutely let them carry a concealed handgun.

"We firmly believe in the responsible use of tools and weapons in society and believe that if people use those in a law-abiding manner that not only are they useful tools but they do curtail crime," said Executive Director of Liberty Learning Center Cheri Isett. "My preference would be that innocent lives be allowed to be protected in a responsible, law-abiding way."

Liberty's mission statement says they were "founded to equip students with 21st century skills," and the school prides itself on allowing students to pursue their own interests while still getting a great education.

All Saints Episcopal and South Crest Christian are two schools we talked to that have a no conceal carry policy, and for some people in Lubbock that's a better option.

"I have an eight-year-old son, so I'm not sure if I would be very comfortable with teachers having a gun in the same room as my son," said one Lubbock resident we spoke with.

It's clear that this issue will continue to divide people for the time being, but what everyone is concerned about is the safety of their children.

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