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Small Town Doctor Delivers Big Time Allergy Relief

The Doctor will see you now.

It’s been told time and time again to the more than 45,000 allergy sufferers of Malouf Abraham, Jr., M.D. But thanks to his newly-invented natural allergy relief formula, allergy sufferers in West Texas can find relief without visiting the good doctor.

A native of Canadian, Texas, Dr. Abraham will be in Lubbock Aug. 6th and 7th for in-store presentations of his highly successful homeopathic product – aptly called Dr. Abraham’s Allernon.

Dr. Abraham’s Allernon is a completely natural, homeopathic and non-prescription allergy relief remedy that uses the immune system to fight allergies. It was created as an alternative to the allergy shots and their often-uncomfortable side effects.

“A lot of people take too much medicine,” Abraham said. “Most medicines are chemicals and they have a lot of side effects. As a society, we need to work more with our own immune systems and avoid getting sick in the first place.”

Dr. Abraham’s Allernon does just that. Because the formula doesn't contain harsh chemicals, even children can benefit from the product. For West Texas allergy sufferers, that’s a welcome sign for people of all ages. Allernon introduces minute amounts of allergens into the body designed to stimulate the immune system and build up defenses against allergy attacks. The strengthening of the immune system, especially when enhanced with the consumption of water, can clear out allergic reactions and infections in the body.

“By improving the immune system, a person’s body is able to function higher at an overall level because it is not busy fighting off sickness,” Abraham explained.

In fact, many of Dr. Abraham’s original patients – now taking Allernon – have reported that they and their children were getting far fewer colds or bouts of the flu through the use of his product.

Dr. Abraham began his quest to treat allergies when the Army drafted him as a doctor during the Vietnam era. He was assigned to treat allergies of military personnel coming back from the jungles of Vietnam, many of who were suffering from extreme allergic reactions. He observed that traditional treatments being prescribed were often acting more as a band-aid than as a cure. He also witnessed that his patients were suffering from multiple side effects of chemical-based medicines. After thinking of a way to make the medicine much milder and more effective, Abraham began concocting vaccines that threaten not just the specific allergen but also built up immunities for real, long-term health.

His allergy shots produced remarkable results and ultimately led to Dr. Abraham’s 30-year career in private practice in Canadian. During that time, 46,000 people traveled from around the country to the tiny Panhandle town to be treated. Following retirement in 2001, his patients continued to request prescriptions for Dr. Abraham’s shots. Always dedicated to his patients, he began to research the latest advancements in natural treatments and worked with a small laboratory in Southern Indiana to create his homeopathic formula. Within six months, Dr. Abraham and his new partners had developed his formula for natural, prescription free, homeopathic droplets.

For more information about Dr. Abraham’s Allernon, please visit his website at

Dr. Abraham’s In-Store Presentations

  • Friday, August 6
    • Natural Health Market, 3833 50th Street - 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    • Natural Health Market, 4414 82nd Street - 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 7th
    • Market Street, 50th Street and Indiana Avenue - 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    • United Supermarket, 5001 Brownfield Hwy. - 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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