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Trial underway for man accused of scalding toddler

Trenard Nunley Trenard Nunley

The trial for a Lubbock man accused of disciplining a 3-year-old by immersing him in tub of scalding hot water began Tuesday. Trenard Nunley, 21, is charged with injury to a child and knowingly causing serious bodily injury.

In January of 2012, Nunley placed the child in the water after he had a potty training accident, police say. Doctors say this act resulted in burns that covered 35% of the child's body.

Several people have taken the witness stand already. Registered nurses working at the UMC emergency room the night of the incident have described the child's burns as horrific. One nurse reported that the victim, 3-year-old Jaylen Shaw, told her that Nunley put him in a hot bath and held him there until he cried.

She says she also noticed bruising on Jaylen's left eye and she asked him specifically what happened. She told jurors that Jaylen said Nunley had hit him with a chair.

The nurses said his demeanor was very quiet and disconnected and he was not acting like a normal child would if they were hurt.

A University Medical Center EMS worker and a paramedic that were called to the scene when the incident first occurred also took the stand. They said they responded to a 911 and the victim was described as having a hemorrhage with blisters. They testified that when they entered the house, Jaylen had only a shirt on and was holding his underwear in his hand.

Prosecutors showed photographs of the victim's injuries to the jury. Deputy District Attorney Sunshine Stanek stated that the photos are very graphic and while describing the pictures, she says skin was falling off of Jaylen's legs and buttocks. She also says the lower part of his body was swollen, bleeding, and blistering.

The trial started at 9 a.m. on Tuesday and is expected to run through Thursday. 

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