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Food for Thought Report 7.22

Five Lubbock restaurants, perhaps where you and your family eat, are low performers. That makes this edition of NewsChannel 11's Food for Thought report a whopper! Before we serve up the low performers, there is a cherry on top of this week's report. K-mart Supercenter's bakery had zero critical violations during their last inspection, making them our only top performer.

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Food for Thought 7.22
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 7/22/04.

As for the lows, inspectors found four critical violations at a long time Lubbock favorite. Josie's at 2332 19th Street is our first low performer. Violations included:

  • Shredded cheese and guacamole were found at 55 degrees, and sour cream at 51 degrees on the food line. Cold foods must be stored at 45 degrees or cooler.
  • Ready to eat, potentially hazardous food items in the reach-in cooler that were not properly date marked.
  • A cooler was not maintained at the proper temperature.
  • A reach-in cooler did not have a thermometer.

All violations were corrected on sight. Josie's manager tells us they strive for excellence at their restaurant.

Two Pinocchio's Pizza locations are also low performers this week. First, Pinocchio's at 1201 University. They had four critical violations.

  • Pepperoni and sausage pizza on the buffet were held at 128 degrees.
  • Personal drinks were found in the food prep area without a lid.
  • Sanitizing solution was not at an effective concentration.
  • A thermometer was not properly calibrated.

The Pinocchio's at 5044 Frankford was also a low performer. They had five critical violations.

  • Cheese sticks were found on a buffet line at 102 degrees.
  • Shredded cheese and hamburger meat were found at 51 degrees.
  • Personal drinks were stored by various toxic items.
  • Thermometers were not working properly.
  • A can opener was found soiled.

A Pinocchio's representative tells us everything was corrected on site and they will continue to strive for cleanliness.

Choochai Thai Cuisine at 2330 19th Street is our fourth low performer.  Choochai's had four critical violations.

  • Eggs were found at 68 degrees.
  • Multiple eggs were found cracked.
  • Cooked chicken in a reach-in cooler was not date-marked.
  • The reach-in cooler was not maintaining the proper temperature.

Choochai's manager tells us they buy all their food fresh every day or two, and their kitchen is healthy. All critical violations were corrected on site.

Finally, our fifth low performer. Casa Ole at 4413 South Loop 289 had five critical violations. All violations were corrected on site.  Casa Ole even let NewsChannel 11 inside their kitchen to prove they've got nothing to hide.

  • Bean soup found held in a cooler at 135 degrees. Kitchen Manager, Justin Smart says, "We've got ice in here (metal tubs) which cools it quickly.  (The day of the inspection) it went straight into the walk-in before it got cooled off."
  • Cheese, quacamole, and veggie soup above 41 degrees on the serving line. Smart says, "What we've done, we've made more room for ice instead of more pans.  We spread them out so we could shove them into the ice better and keep the temp down to 40 degrees or better."
  • Personal drinks were also in Casa Ole's kitchen. Smart says the've addressed that with employees.
  • The lack of papertowels at the handwashing sink. This probelm has been addressed.
  • A reach in cooler with no thermometer. This violation has also been corrected. Smart says, "We had one in back but it wasn't visible."
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