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Medical Breakthroughs in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Here are some of the breakthroughs discussed at the radiological society of North America's Women's Breast Health media briefing.

There are wands that deliver heat, cold or even electricity, that kill tumors without even a cut on the breast. Using ultrasound or MRI imaging, doctors can now locate and then zap tumors with a laser, liquid nitrogen or radiofrequency heat. So far, studies suggests the treatment is very effective on small tumors.

Another treatment may help reduce or even eliminate the need for weeks of follow-up radiation after lumpectomy. This one is called breast brachytherapy, and it places a tiny radioactive seed inside the breast at the site where the tumor once was. Instead of weeks of radiation, this treatment takes less than a week and has fewer side effects.

Researchers at the conference are also showcasing new computers and MRI's that can catch cancer when it is missed in a mammogram. For more information about the treatments under study, (click here).

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