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The Search For Jennifer & Joanna

It's the second weekend into the investigation of missing woman Jennifer Wilkerson. The Lubbock County Sheriff's Department has called upon the community today to help search for clues on the disappearance of Wilkerson and that of Joanna Rogers who's been missing since May 4th.

"We're going to be looking for a body, as sad as that is we're going to be looking for a body," explains an organizer of the search.

As disturbing as it may sound, the search for Jennifer Wilkerson and Joanna Rogers has become a grim reality: two families and a community on the hunt for clues to where these two women may be.

"I just hope we don't find anything bad today but it's better than not knowing," sais Wilkerson's oldest sister, Michelle who drove in from New Mexico. She has been waiting patiently for answers, but now she's ready to join the search. "It's just waiting everyday waking up not knowing, I want to know something," she says.

Meanwhile, her family tries to stay strong through the search, grateful that the Lubbock community has been so responsive in their daughter's case. "It just makes you realize what a great world we do have, there's bad parts but these are strangers who came out to help, it's pretty wonderful," says Jackie, Jennifer's mother.

"We didn't realize how big a family we had until the last week and a half, it's been just amazing," adds Jennifer's father, Jack. He searches along with friends and strangers working diligently.

"She's touched so many people's lives and hearts as far as even not being there anymore so many people remember her because she was so loving and so special," says Natasha Bruton, friend and volunteer.

Joe Bill, father of Joanna Rogers, a man who is no stranger to missing a loved one, rallies side by side with the Wilkerson family in search of their children. "Well, we're here again and we're going to look again and maybe today will be the day that we'll find our girls," he says as he partakes in this organized effort.

Sergeant Greg Parrott says this search utilizes resources the community provides, by adding additional manpower to scour over areas that will strengthen the investigation, in more ways that one. "We will reach out and be able to touch that special person that knows something and just needs to come forward and tell us where the girls are at," he explains.

"This is nice you know, everybody pulling together and helping somebody they don't even know," adds Michelle.

Right now, investigators are asking for your help in locating a suspicious vehicle seen in Wilkerson's neighborhood a day before her disappearance. The vehicle is described as a small black pick up. The pick up is low rider style, which means it sits very low on the ground. It could also be equipped with hydraulics. The truck also has wheels with a smooth center cap. It is also believed to have decals on the rear window, and may have license plates from out of state. If you spot a vehicle with this description, you are urged to contact the Sheriff's Office immediately at 775-1480 .

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