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Congressman Neugebauer Addresses Health Care Issues

Congressman Randy Neugebauer hosted a small business forum on Saturday, at the new Premier Health Clinic." He described the clinic, as a solution for those struggling to afford proper medical care.

"We need to let the market force help us come up with some of the solutions and this is certainly one of those, where people that may not have health insurance or have a high deductible, come to this clinic and get a fixed fee based service and hopefully this will be a model for other kinds of solutions that are out there."

Neugebauer also helped educate the public about tools, such as Health Savings Accounts and Association Health Plans. An HSA is a tax-free savings account that works like an IRA, except that the money is intended to be used for qualified health care costs.

"It begins to help lower the cost of having a health insurance premium," said Neugebauer. "40 million Americans don't have access to affordable health insurance and that puts a lot of pressure on the system. And this health savings account is a way for employer and employee to contribute to that and to carry a higher deductible insurance policy. Hopefully thereby lowering the premium."

For a link to the Premier Health Clinic website, (click here).
For a link to the Health Savings Account website (click here).

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