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Fire and Police Departments Protect Brownfield Citizens

Armed with hoses in a battle that lasted for days, the Brownfield Church of Christ is just one of hundreds of fires the Brownfield fire fighters fought and will fight this year. "We tried to make entry on it two different times and the heat forced us back out."

Meet Fire Chief Melvin Dawson, serving the City of Brownfield since 1973. "We have three paid men that stay here twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week." But they're not the only ones fighting fires. "We've got welders, auto mechanics, machinists and secretaries."

Twenty-six volunteers stand in the line of fire. "I just love it, getting out and helping the community." Patty Rowe is a secretary at Ag Texas by day and fourteen years ago she became the first female volunteer with the department. "My husband was a fire fighter and I decided I could go out and help roll hose."

Helping is exactly why Randy Martin has been a volunteer for the past fourteen years. "I decided I wanted to help the community and that was a good way to do it." Randy works as a machinist by day and fights fires when smoke rises.

Chief Dawson says, "The volunteers are your main crop of protection around here. The three of us couldn't do anything without them."

The City of Brownfield couldn't do anything without the police department. Roy L. Rice is Brownfield Chief of Police. He oversees a staff of seventeen officers. "I think people are the greatest strength; most of our people are very people oriented. They believe in working with community. They believe in professionalism. They don't just go out and arrest people. They are actively involved with people because after all these are people they see in grocery stores or doctors' offices or whatever about town."

This town may be small in size, but not experience. "With the training the officers have and the expertise they have, we don't believe we're just a small town agency. We believe we have something to offer our people even beyond what they expect" explains Rice.

Brownfield takes fighting crime and drugs seriously. Meet Sergeant Katie. She's one of two narcotics dogs on the force. Within seconds, Katie can sniff out hidden drugs. Corporal Rusty Cavett says, "To Katie, it's a game. She knows if she gets this smell or scent, she gets her toy."

From the men and women in uniform to those clothed in smoke and ashes, the Brownfield Police and Fire Departments are Safety Solutions you can count on.

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