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Study shows sleep positions linked to personality types

How do you like to sleep at night?  The Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service surveyed about 1,000 people and found a link between the six most common sleep positions and personality types.

The study is in Men's Health, but for what it's's the verdict.

  • If you sleep on your stomach, the study shows you are more extroverted and tend to take criticism more personally.  
  • If you sleep in the fetus position, you have more of a rough exterior.  However, you're more sensitive on the inside.
  • If you sleep with your arms above your head, something the study calls "the starfish position", which means you're a good listener and good friend.  You don't like to be in the spotlight.
  • Finally, if you sleep on your side with both arms pointing straight down, you are very trusting…maybe too trusting.

So personality aside, what's the best position for a good night's sleep?  The sleep council says on your side with bended knees up toward the chest helps cut down on insomnia, and it also produces less snoring.

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