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City council votes to ban synthetic drugs unanimously


It was an emotional night as six Lubbock citizens pleaded with the city council to ban the use, purchase, sale and distribution of synthetic drugs. 

When the council voted, they decided unanimously to ban synthetic drugs, which includes synthetic marijuana and bath salts. The audience erupted in applause when the vote was finished.

Gina Johnson is the Lubbock mother who began the fight against synthetic marijuana because her son is a user. Johnson was clearly emotional after the vote was announced.

"I'm totally overwhelmed. I've been working for this for a long time and praying for it and hoping for it and for it to finally come into fruition, I'm completely overwhelmed," Johnson said.

Mayor Pro Tem, Karen Gibson added that the fight is far from over. She believes that education is key to keeping this from consumers.   

Before the ban is put into effect, the council will vote one more time on this issue at the 1st meeting in February, but it is expected to pass once again. 

Mayor Glen Robertson was not present for the vote because he is still recovering from surgery. However, he posted on his Facebook before the meeting and stated that he did not believe he would vote in favor of the ban. He supported banning it for children, but he doesn't believe it is their place to regulate the actions of adult users.

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