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Plainview struggles as Cargill plant shuts down

As the parking lot emptied and the activity slowed at the once-bustling Cargill plant, thousands were left wondering, what's next? 

Kevin Carter is the Executive Director of the Plainview Industrial Foundation. He says it won't be long until Plainview sees the effects of the closure.

"I don't think it's set in because this is the first day they haven't had production. I think next week we'll see a lot of those people out and about who would normally be at work," Carter said.

Although fabrication shut down Thursday, many employees were at the plant on Friday doing maintenance work and tightening up loose ends. However, starting Monday, they will be unemployed.

But the city of Plainview is doing all they can to keep these people here and happy, offering job fairs and employment centers.

"We certainly want them to be working and a valuable member of the community. We hope they stay, but we understand they may not be able to," Carter said.

Cargill's payroll was an estimated $80 million dollars - a big chunk of change that no longer will be fed into the Plainview economy.

"Cargill has paid those folks through March 19th, so we certainly don't know the full impact economically. With the sales tax and those types of things, we just don't know those things yet," Carter said.

A job fair will be held for those unemployed on February 6th. 65 employers will be at the Ollie Liner Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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