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Texas Tech ROTC cadet has his big night with Miss Texas

Miss Texas at the ROTC ball with Luke Guffey Miss Texas at the ROTC ball with Luke Guffey
Luke and friends react as Miss Texas gives them the good news Luke and friends react as Miss Texas gives them the good news

Texas Tech University ROTC cadet Luke Guffey sat nervously on the couch in his apartment last week, surrounded by friends, adjusting his television set every few minutes to make sure he received a very important broadcast.

Luke knew the ROTC ball was fast approaching and with only days until the event, realized he still didn't have a date. That's when an academy member suggested he ask current Miss Texas - DaNae Couch. Guffey decided to give it a try, recruiting all of his friends to help him. They filmed a version of a popular Old Spice Deodorant commercial tailored towards Miss Texas. Guffey put the video on Youtube and waited for a response. Last Monday he got his answer.

"As of right now I'm going to be making the trip out to Lubbock," Couch said. "So Luke, get excited because I will be able to meet you at the Overton."

Before she could finish the rest of her answer, the room Luke was in erupted with excitement. Guffey's friends screamed and huddled around him, jumping up and down.

And on Saturday night, his the cadet's wish finally came true.

"I don't know how to put it into words really, this is just a big night," Luke said. "I imagine she's going to look gorgeous and I imagine she is going to be extremely nice. I didn't even know she was going to see it at all. I'm really lucky we knew someone who was in the law school and he posted it on their Facebook page."

Luke was holding a bouquet of roses, standing in the lobby of the Overton waiting for DaNae. As she arrived, Luke grinned from ear to ear as everyone began to take photos.

"Someone came up to me and said, did you invite her to make all of our dates look bad? I told him I wasn't trying to do that," Luke said.

Miss Texas said Luke was everything she thought he would be.

"He is just as charming and nice and friendly as I thought he would be from seeing the video. He definitely has not disappointed me," DaNae said. "I think we're in for a really fun evening."

Luke said he was most looking forward to learning how to Texas Two Step from Miss Texas, but DaNae isn't so sure she's the best coach.

"We're going to work it out," Couch said. "I've done some two-stepping before but I'm not the best two-stepper in Texas, which is probably a shame since I am Miss Texas. But now that we're in west Texas I mean really, what better place to fine tune your two-stepping skills?"

Luke described Saturday as the best day of his life. He just wishes his family was here to share the moment with him.

"This is the best birthday of my life. Seriously, you can't top this. I just wish my brother and my parents were here to see it," Luke said.

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