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Seeing is Not Always Believing

KPET General Manager Don Sitton is the voice of country radio 690 AM in Lamesa. He's had a vision of being in radio since he was young, even knowing the obstacles he would face later in life. Here's a story about a man who saw a dream with blind eyes.

"I love radio, I love my job. My wife might tell you I love my job too much," said Sitton. It's the classic country hour on KPET 690 AM radio. Don spends three hours playing the music he selects with his mind. He counts the CDs and he finds what he's looking for. "I can see just a little bit but enough to get around. Like this thermometer. It says 82 degrees," said Don. He was right.

Don has been blind all his life. He has always wanted to be a radio DJ since he was 6-years-old. He studied communications at Texas Tech University. "I've worked for KFYO, Z102, and KLBK in the 70's when it was a radio station.

Don has no problem getting around the radio station. He knows the building like the back of his hand. "It's been a process of learning and adapting. I had to figure out a way of doing everything," Don said.

Because technology has become more advance, Don has been able to keep up with technology in the communication business. He listens to a computer that resites the weather. Don says he listens to it a couple of times so he can memorize it. Then he passes it on to his listeners.

Don says he's going to continue to be at KPET radio until he's 85-years-old. He says he's got a good 30 years to go to continue to be the eyes and ears of Lamesa and the voice that's become all too familiar.

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