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Swisher County inmate falls in jail, dies days later


The family of a Swisher County inmate is mourning his loss Monday after taking him off of life support Sunday afternoon.

Terry Borum sustained serious brain damage after falling and hitting his head Friday morning in the Swisher County Jail. 

According to Borum's nephew-in-law Ken Qualls, the family was told that Friday morning, February 1st Borum fell and was taken to an Amarillo hospital. Doctors informed his family the brain damage was so severe it shifted his brain to the right and the chance of survival was slim.

Borum had only been in custody since last Monday on charges of assault with a deadly weapon from an incident in September. He had a disagreement with a neighbor and went to confront them about it. Eventually the conversation got heated and Borum pulled out a gun and shot it at the ground. The police were called and Borum confessed and handed them the weapon.

Qualls said Borum's immediate family felt he shouldn't have been in prison in the first place, not because he was innocent, but because he had a disability that required specialized care.

Due to a prior accident, Borum could not chew solid food and had to use feeding tubes to eat. 

"If he wouldn't have been there, if he would've been released on his own word that he would show back up to court, the injury would've never happened and we wouldn't be in the situation of now having to plan his funeral," said Qualls.

The family isn't blaming anyone until after the autopsy comes back, which should be later this evening, but until then the search for answers will continue.

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