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Adam Freeman, a Hometown Hero


America will never forget that catastrophic day on September 11, 2001 when members of Al-Qaeda bombed the twin towers. For Marine Corps Sergeant veteran Adam Freeman of Lubbock, that day is much more than just a memory, it is the day that changed his whole life. 

"We were sitting there looking at the towers burning and that's when I stepped outside and called my brother," said Freeman.

His older brother was training to be an Air Force pilot in Texas Tech University's ROTC program and Freeman feared his brother was going to be deployed before he was ready.

"My line of thinking was he was going to be shipped off without being properly trained. The Marines train fast, they move fast, they work hard and they move hard," he said.

Freeman said his main goal was keeping his brother from being deployed.

"I walked into the recruiting office and I said, ‘Get me out of here as fast as possible.'  They said, ‘OK, here's the papers."

Freeman signed the contract that evening and left for boot camp the very next month. He said he just had one thing on his mind.

"I want to go kill Saddam Hussein, I want to go kill Osama bin Laden. Those are my two goals," he said.

His first call to battle was on March 23, 2003, the first major battle of the Iraqi war.

"I participated in the battle of An-Nasiriyah, March 23, 2003. We lost 18 guys that day out of our company. I would describe it as pure hell and that's exactly what it is, it's just pure hell," he said.

Freeman was deployed to Iraq twice and said he has had several close calls and times where he heard bullets flying by his head and knew someone was aiming at him.

On the 10th anniversary, March 23, 2013, Freeman will travel to Washington D.C. along with other soldiers who fought in that battle to remember that day and honor the ones they lost.

"We're really going there to remember our lost and our fallen. We want to pay tribute to them. It's been 10 years since they've been gone. The families are going to be there, we want to make sure that the families know that we still care. We'll never forget. It's a day that will never be forgotten."

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