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The Garage Park Stoplight: Does It Work?

Never hit the garage wall again with your car! A product called the Garage Park Stoplight is supposed to keep that from happening. It costs around $20, but Does It Work?

Littlefield Mayor Bruce Peel says he's never hit his wall before. A little help from a concrete step in his garage has prevented such an incedent. "So we've made a temporary wall," the Mayor said.

"It kind of looks like a traffic light!," said NewsChannel 11.

"Oh it does, we have one of these in Littlefield; a traffic light," the Mayor laughs. "Well, it looks like it would be quite useful. People wouldn't have to hang ping pong balls from their ceilings," noticed the Mayor.

This is how it works. The sensor will change the light colors to either green, yellow, or red. The color depends on how close your car is to the sensor. Mayor Peel and I hung the Stoplight with the sensor leveled to the car's bumper.

As Mayor Peel pulled in his car, we witnessed the light changing to yellow. When measuring how far the car was from the wall, the Mayor responded, "It's about 21 inches."

Mayor Peel pulled up a little closer to the wall and sensor and the light turned red. We measured a 12 inch distance. Both of us were definitely impressed with the product.

Without stopping, the Garage Park Stoplight changes from green to yellow to red quickly as move up into your garage.

I give this product the "green light," it works!

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