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Littlefield's Big History

Littlefield, Texas. Founded by George Washington Littlefield. Banker, rancher, civil war veteran. Wounded by an exploding cannon shell at the battle of Mossy Creek, he was unconscious for three weeks, kept alive by morphine and brandy.

Tough and shrewd, he sold land with a brochure boasting the good life. "This is one of the healthiest climates on earth. No malaria or consumption. Hypochondriacs forget their troubles and get a new grip on life," reads the copy. The pitch worked perfectly. "He bought the land for $2 an acre and sold it for $30," said Littlefield Mayor Bruce Peel.

As history barreled on, much of it was recorded in the City Barber Shop. Babe Banner has been cutting hair for 48 years. "So far I haven't got too shaky," he laughed. He leaves the shaking to scardy-cat reporters. "Babe that's a tarantula over there!" we said. "Yeah," Babe smiled. "Brownie" is the shop pet. "She's gentle,"

At Nelson's Hardware, they've got everything. "That's a bevel square, that's a paste spreader, that's a plumb bob," said Nelson Naylor. At 91, he's Littlefield's answer to Home Depot, and he isn't going anywhere soon. "Do you plan on retiring?" asked NewsChannel 11. "No, not any time soon. I plan on working," he shot back.

And he doesn't just stock the shelves to stay in shape. "This is your exercise bike?" we asked. "Yeah, I ride it every morning," he said. A half a mile a day for the past five years.

Of course, you can't go to Littlefield without talking about Waylon Jennings. No, literally, the main drag is named Waylon Jennings Boulevard. Luckenbach might have been a nice place to visit, but Littlefield was his home. "He liked it here, he liked growing up here," said James D. Jennings, who is more often recognized as someone else. "Everybody says, 'You're Waylon Jennings brother, your not James Jennings, your Waylon's brother. But that's a good thing," he smiled.

Turns out, Littlefield's history has a lot of good things.

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