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Lubbock nonprofit offers free income tax filing

For many, filing income taxes can be overwhelming, especially for those who live on a limited income. That's why the Coalition of Community Assistance Volunteers, Inc - or CCAV - started a free tax program back in 2002.  Organizers discovered that, in Lubbock alone, some $11-million in earned income credits were never being claimed 

Since the program started, administrator Shari Flynn says about 3,000 taxpayers use the program each year.

"Based on their family size and income, we have guidelines and if they make less than that, we are glad to help them," Flynn said.

Here's the breakdown of who can receive the assistance:

  • Family of 1 - $27,9000
  • Family of 2 - $36,900
  • Family of 3 - $41,950
  • Family of 4 - $47,150
  • Family of 5 or more - $50,250

Lubbock resident Sue Hall has been coming to have her taxes filed through CCAV for five years. She says having an expert do her taxes offers a peace of mind.  She also says she has been able to receive a tax return every year.

"If you come, you can get in at the right time," Hall said. "They are so nice to you. They are so kind to you here."

Flynn says the goal of the program is to help taxpayers financial, but also to help educate them about money and what to do with their refunds.

"Saving it for emergencies but also retirement, education, buy a home. You know, things that will continue to have value in the future and not just spend it," Flynn said.

The program runs through April 16th. For more information, call 806-687-2228.

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