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Levelland ISD meets to consider guns for teachers


A Levelland ISD advisory committee met Thursday morning to gauge interest in allowing teachers with their CHL to have guns in the classroom.

The committee, which is made up of 2 board members, representatives from each of Levelland ISD's 8 campuses, 2 resource officers, representatives from the police and sheriff's department and 3 parents met for 2 hours sharing opinions and ideas.

"What I heard from a lot of our members in the community is that we just want to make sure we process it and think it through. We don't want to make a quick decision," said Interim Superintendent Kelly Baggett.

After this morning's meeting, the advisory committee sent out an online survey to Levelland ISD faculty and staff so they could have their say.

Results today showed 57% of the employees who were surveyed felt campuses would be safer if the district allowed teachers to have guns. 52% said they would consider getting their CHL if the district allowed it and 97% said they do not currently have a license.

"I think what has happened in our nation over the past 20 years with all of the shootings that have occurred has changed the culture of our school environment. That's why we're having to discuss this now," said Baggett.

The guest speaker for Thursday's event was Anthony Wilson, an Anton ISD band director, NRA certified instructor and CHL training counselor. He supports teachers having guns in the classroom and feels it is something that Levelland ISD should adopt.

"If the teacher has the ability to stop that threat at that point that it starts then we've reduced the overall impact of that shooting event," said Wilson.

"You know law enforcement is great and school officers are great, but there's still a delay in how quickly they can respond in that situation. The ones in the classroom right now in my opinion need something at hand immediately," said Wilson.

Levelland ISD plans to have another meeting after spring break, and Baggett says if they decide to allow teachers to conceal carry, the earliest it would be implemented is June or July.

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