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Studies show that it's okay to let your baby cry

What do you do when a baby cries during the night?  Go get him out of bed and comfort him? .... Or let him cry.  A new study says let him cry.

Dr. Marsha Weinraub said, "Mothers who rush to their babies in the middle of the night because they are crying are doing a disservice to their babies. They're interfering with their babies ability to learn to self soothe the way the rest of us do."  "You wouldn't want to go to sleep in a cold bed either if you've been used to sleeping in arms."

Dr. Weinraub says babies who have trouble falling back to sleep are generally fussy, have overly attentive mothers, and are breast fed.  They are also used to falling asleep in their mother's arms.  Dr. Weinraub says babies need to learn to fall back to sleep without being held or nursed.   Her study finds that letting a baby cry will not hurt the mother child relationship.

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