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Crime Line to announce increase in rewards


As Lubbock continues to grow, so does the number of burglaries. It's one of the city's biggest problems, and authorities want to do something about it. City and county law enforcement officials will hold a news conference Wednesday to talk about changes to rewards Crime Line offers.

Between January 7 and January 13, there were 39 residential burglaries in Lubbock. Add that to the 31 car burglaries and eight commercial burglaries,and there was a total of 78 burglaries in just one week.

That number may seem high, but it's typical for Lubbock. Therefore, we chose 20 of the homes at random to see under what circumstances they were broken into, and what we found was interesting.

The thieves stole items as small as a tool set  and as big as a flat screen TV. Lawn mowers, leaf blowers and computers were snagged as well.

The culprits were creative in their entry tactics. Some climbed fences and pried open garage doors. Others broke windows, and some were lucky enough to just simply jiggle the handle to get inside. 

Regardless of how they got in, they did, and some of these burglaries could have been prevented.

  • Remember to never tempt thieves. Some of the lawn equipment we found stolen was simply left outside.
  • Always deadbolt your door. Many of these homeowners didn't and they kissed their valuables goodbye.
  • Make your home look occupied. We found one home that was for sale, empty and had the glass broken out of the door.
  • Garden sheds were a big target, too. Make sure to always padlock those doors shut.

However, probably the best way to keep your home safe is to keep an eye out for each other. Report any suspicious activity to Crime Line at 741-1000, and starting Wednesday your reward could increase.

KCBD will have a crew at Wednesday's news conference and will bring you updates at 4, 5 and 6.  

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