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Neighbors say rotting cow carcasses causing health hazard


On Wednesday, a concerned viewer sent KCBD a tip saying there were several dead and rotting cows near the side of the road and that no one will do anything about them.

Our crews went to the property on the corner of Bear Road and Quail Road just west of the Lubbock/Hockley County line. We counted at least 8 rotting cows lying 15 feet from the road. It appeared some had died recently while others had been there for several weeks.

We located the owner of the cattle, who wishes to remain anonymous, and he told us a wave of pneumonia hit his herd and killed some of the cattle. He says others were attacked by wild dogs. The loss of the cattle combined with the expense of trying to recover from the drought was a huge hit financially and he says he simply doesn't have the time or money to remove or bury the carcasses.

However, a nearby neighbor says she's fed up with the stench and unsightly view of the rotting cows.

"These cows are living in busted down houses, trampling through trash and around other dead cows," she said. "When you drive past it, it stinks. There are heads gone, guts missing, and just bones everywhere."

The neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, says the rotting cows are a health hazard and are attracting coyotes to the area.

"I want the bodies removed. There are little children that live out here, I have a child, and don't want my animals being eaten by wild dogs," she said. "We've contacted as many people as we can, and I'm just told it's the county and its private property so there is nothing anyone can do. Apparently you can leave your animals lying dead as long as you want."

Hockley County Commissioner Curtis Thrash is over the precinct where the property is located. The neighbor says Thrash told her nothing could be done. We attempted to contact Thrash but he did not return our calls.

We also called Hockley County Sheriff R.C. Cheek and informed him of the situation. Cheek told us he would check out the property but has not responded to anymore of our calls.

"It's just a bad health hazard. No one wants to look at it, no one wants to smell it, and nobody wants to do anything about it," she said.

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