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Senior skier trains at the LifeStyle Centre using a special machine

Sometimes in this business, you're on one story, and you run into another one. That's what happened this week when we went to the LifeStyle Centre to follow the Mayor on his first day of rehab during his medical leave.  We'll have more on that story tomorrow night on Valentine's Day.  But tonight, we want to show you what stole our attention a few times while watching the Mayor of the treadmill.

Linda Brown was getting a vigorous workout on a machine that's called the Multi-Hip Machine. She was working those hips like crazy.  Linda will be 77 in May. She loves this machine because it helps with her favorite hobby.

"Well I use it to condition myself for skiing," said Linda.  

Cardiac Rehab Coordinator Laura Lowe said, "This is really good for your core muscles and your side and your hips and thighs."  "Exercise is the fountain of youth.  I think snow skiing or it may be being able to go shopping or being able to go on a camping trip. Exercise can definitely help keep a good quality of life."

We watched Linda get up and go on several machines in a vigorous workout for about an hour.

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