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Consider This...Lesser Prairie-Chicken?

A discussion is underway right now to add what is called the Lesser Prairie-Chicken to the federal list of endangered species. That would give this bird protection by the government and could put restrictions on land use that would be devastating to West Texas.

But before I elaborate, let me say, other than what I've seen this week, I don't know the slightest thing about the Lesser Prairie-Chicken.

Consider this:

Every wild animal living in West Texas has struggled because of drought and this bird is no different. The very idea of prioritizing this animal over hard working farmers, ranchers, and businessmen is absurd. So you can officially add my name to the long list of folks who are, simply put, against this.

If you agree, you can contact our congressman, Randy Neugebauer, who is also very much against it. [Click here] to contact the Congressman.

The federal government should be working to protect our economy, not entertaining a proposal that threatens it.  

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