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Home Depot remodels kitchen at Children's Home of Lubbock


A group of Home Depot workers are rolling up their sleeves to help out some of Lubbock's abused and neglected children.

They are volunteering their materials and manpower to remodel an entire kitchen in the Emergency Center at the Children's Home of Lubbock.

President of the home, Lynn Harms, said the kitchen was overdue for a renovation.

"They said, 'We're going to donate all the cabinetry, we're going to bring our own crew in, we'll do the demolition, the installation, we'll do the appliances if appliances need to be replaced," Harms said describing the contribution made by the Home Depot volunteers.

Harms said the building was built 15 years ago and in that time, hundreds of kids have passed through.

"In that 15 years, it has had a lot of high use - wear and tear. They said, 'This is important to us. Can we do this project?'"

Ronnie Clary is the store manager of the Home Depot and was at the forefront of this service project after touring the facility in September.

"When we came in here and saw the kids that are less than toddler-aged, that was really what hit home for me," Clary said.

Clary said their goal is to make it feel as much like a home as possible.

"So when those kids come into here, they're going to be wowed by the fact that this is a kitchen, this is like a normal home and that's the feeling that we want to be able to establish - that normal home environment and that's what we're going to do here," Clary said.

The volunteers will be adding the finishing touches on Saturday. Then 18 children can enjoy the luxury of their brand new kitchen.

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