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Demonstrators Welcome Vice-President Cheney to the Hub City

Even after Vice President Dick Cheney arrived to the Civic center to speak to more than 11,000 people, demonstrators were still standing on Avenue Q holding their signs. They say they are using the Cheney visit as an opportunity to get their message out. That message is that not everyone in Lubbock votes Republican.

"They're passionate. They just gave us the finger," said demonstrator Roy Reyna. Roy is holding a sign letting passer-bys know he's not voting for Bush this presidential election year. Even if Cheney is in Lubbock to endorse the Randy Neugebauer campaign and not his own.

"Randy Neugebauer, Cheney, Bush, it's all the same thing. Guilty by association," says Roy.

"I think it's great he's here. I want him to see these signs and I want him to know there are Democrats in Lubbock who oppose of his administration with George W. Bush," said Sue Weninger, Democrat.

"You seem like a peaceful demonstrator," we asked one demonstrator. "Yes I am, just trying to get this country straightened out and put it back on it's feet," said Franklin Green.

"I want as many people in the world to realize that because where we are right now is not ok," said South Plains student Karin Meinkotch.

NewsChannel 11 also contacted Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress Charlie Stenholm and they gave us this quote... "The fact that Randy has to have someone come in to prop up his campaign is indicative of the type of Congressman he will be. Randy seems to be running this campaign on other people's records, but Charlie Stenholm runs on his own independent record."

Stenholm has no plans to bring a prominent political figure to speak on his behalf.

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