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Turning Point Church brings charity program to local laundromats


Saturday morning, Evette Cortez was sitting at the Wash-n-Go off of University, waiting patiently as her laundry began to spin in the washing machines. Moments later, an expected visitor approached her with a special gift.

"They said that they wanted to do our laundry for us. It was a true blessing," Evette said, still in shock.

Handing over a $10 dollar bill, the Turning Point church member gave a smile and walked to the next person doing laundry.

"Today we are invading the laundromats of Lubbock," Turning Point lead Pastor John Wagner said. "Our volunteers are going to hand out rolls of quarters absolutely free to pay for people's laundry today."

As part of the their monthly community outreach program known as "Refresh," the church decided to go to 13 different laundromats and hand out $1,000 worth of quarters and $5 dollar bills to people doing laundry on Saturday.

"It's a way in which we demonstrate God's love to people by doing something for them, or giving them something absolutely free with no strings attached - because that's the way God's love is," Wagner said.

Many people they approached were confused and shocked that a complete stranger would pay for their laundry. Others broke down in tears.

"God is so good. God sent those people here, and he knew who needed that today," a woman at the Wash-n-Go said.

While $10 dollars might not seem like a lot, it was enough to brighten the days of many people.

"It shows there's still good people here in Lubbock, and we appreciate it 100%," Evette said. "This is going to help us out a lot."

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