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Medicine Helps Get A Hold Of the Shakes

Do your legs keep you awake at night? It's estimated that 10% of Americans suffer from restless leg syndrome. That's according to a disease foundation which describes the problem as a condition where the leg jerks or kicks an average of 15 times an hour.

Here's what's new...researchers are asking the FDA to approve a drug used to treat the shakiness that comes with Parkinson's Disease for use in restless leg syndrome as well. The drug is called Ropinirole and it's sold under the brand name Requip. A 12 week study at Johns Hopkins showed that Requip improved sleep time and cut the number of leg jerks significantly in more than 70 percent of the restless leg patients. That's a big deal because currently there is no drug on the market intended for the treatment of restless leg syndrome.

The study was led by researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Fourteen other centers participated in the trial. Results are published in the August issue of the Journal Sleep.

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