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Kids Pumping Iron

There's so much emphasis on kids losing weight today, that more and more young people are taking an interest in pumping iron to drop some pounds. So here's some advice from trainer David Crooks if your kids are trying to lift weights - unsupervised.

"There's more chance of injury with a child because, once again, these kids are still developing, some of their joints aren't fully developed, so we have to take special care with the child. Anytime improper form is done, that increases your chance of injury," says Crooks.

Crooks says as more and more kids are showing an interest, parents need to make sure they're getting the right instruction on how to use weights properly, and when the time is right to move to the next weight level. He says most fitness experts agree now that kids can pump iron safely if they are well supervised and if they understand that the most common reason for injury is impatience, because building muscle does take time.

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